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Victims receive fraudulent checks for thousands of dollars, with instructions to cash the checks and wire the funds to another bank. We engage with our employees through our security awareness program and train and certify them to ensure they understand policy, regulations, and security. Use the automated update wizards in your operating system to download and install the latest security patches. Learn more about Union Bank. Shop online using your personal computer, laptop, or mobile device on a password-protected Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) home network or data plan from a reputable vendor. Before we offer our customers new services and features we test them to ensure they meet our standards for confidentiality and integrity. Be mindful of other forms of fraudulent communications: “Vishing,” or voice phishing is a technique that combines text messages, phone recordings, and email to persuade someone to dial a telephone number or respond to a telephone call for financial gain. Not only when using social media, but overall, try to browse the Internet using your browsers’ "Incognito" or "Private" tab/window options. Store your working supply of blank checks in a secure location and your reserve supply in a separate, secure location; audit the reserves periodically to ensure that no checks are missing, especially in the middle of a stack. Avoid using your Social Security number, account numbers, phone numbers or addresses, birth dates or anniversaries, obvious or common nicknames, names of relatives or pets, any personal information, including personal preferences, such as favorite sports team, and common words from the dictionary. Keep those up to date. Victims of lottery scams have lost thousands of dollars responding to demands for payment to cover costs of redeeming prizes when, in all probability, the prize did not exist. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive. Secure check stock, credit/debit cards, and online access passwords. Butte, Montana native, William (Bill) Tiddy, passed away recently in Trophy Club, Texas, after a long battle with mesothelioma. We evaluate our online security practices regularly, with internal audits and evaluations of our internal control environment. However, on Sunday upon leaving at around 1:30pm we couldn't find any attendants or security around to let us out using out reservation. Don't print your Social Security or driver's license number on your checks. When inquiries appear from companies that opened fraudulent accounts, request that the inquiries be removed from your reports. Criminals can gain access to personally identifiable information (PII), such as a Social Security number, bank account information, etc. ©2020 MUFG Union Bank, N.A. We recommend that you help safeguard your identity and personal information by engaging in effective username and password creation, protection and management. If you, or any user of the Online Banking service designated by you, give the online PIN or User ID to another person, you take responsibility for all transactions made by that person or anyone else to whom that person gives the PIN or User ID, directly or indirectly, until you notify us to cancel your online service. We also may receive information about you from information services and consumer reporting agencies. Phishing may also be called “spoofing” as the fraudster masquerades as a user, website or email to gain access to your information. The information that this private business collects and maintains as a result of your visit to its Web site, and the manner in which it does so, may differ from the information that Union Bank collects and maintains. You will have use of the funds while we investigate. Remember, Union Bank® does not request personal information by email, text, or instant message. © 2020 MUFG Union Bank, N.A. If your online PIN or access code is lost or stolen and you tell us within 2 Business Days after you learn of the loss or theft, you can lose no more than $50 due to unauthorized activity using your PIN or code. Lock the screen of both your personal and work computers every time you walk away. This Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") outlines the online privacy practices of MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Credit union services Cash Advances,Direct Deposit,Wire Transfers. As social distancing keeps more and more of us at home, it’s never been more important to stay connected and plugged in. The email contains inaccurate information. Border Grill, an upscale modern Mexican restaurant, owned by internationally renowned chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. Buy From Reputable and Secure Sellers and Services. Even better, consider using Online Bill Pay to send payments. The first phase in the historic preservation-minded rehabbing of Union Bank Plaza (UBP) in Downtown Los Angeles has wrapped up. By linking to the website of this private business, Union Bank is not endorsing its products, services, or privacy or security policies. As a general rule of thumb, it is good to verify requests, by contacting the person via a different channel. If you do not notify us within 30 days after the date of the first statement where the transaction is listed, your statement will be considered correct and we will have no further responsibility to you with respect to online transactions shown on that statement. Then, the criminal calls to collect the money they claim was transferred in error. As a consumer you should be aware as well that smart devices are collecting and potentially sending information back to the vendor´s network or cloud – creating more vulnerability. It may be helpful to use reputable online payment services such as PayPal to keep your credit card information securely stored. The SMS may have a link requiring you to input information; it may have a link that, when clicked, downloads malicious software to the mobile phone; or the text may have a malicious attachment itself. Use email spam-filtering software and turn on your pop-up blocker. Make sure the software and applications for the gadget are always up-to-date with security patches from the manufacturer. Be aware of online games where kids may share personal information and consider monitoring access to those as well. Your friends may not be cybersecurity savvy and can share what you post. Though it may be personally addressed to you, thousands of other targets around the world may have received the same notification. Identity thieves are getting creative, sophisticated, and bold. And, our teams work hard to ensure that all financial transactions, data transmissions, and communications are conducted in a secure online environment. The checks bounce after the money is wired, leaving the victim responsible for paying the bank back. Third-party sites may collect and use information about you in ways that are different from the practices of MUFG Union Bank. Keep in mind the amount of personal data that the applications of these devices may be collecting from you. Member FDIC. The Incident Response Program is structured to provide timely and efficient assessment and response to all reported incidents, in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. SecurityBank Branch - La Union is located at Kenny Plaza, Quezon Ave, City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines and classified as banks/branches. Bank has implemented a solution for monitoring transaction in customer accounts with respect to internet banking and mobile banking channel. Read more about choosing effective passwords. Box 949, Allen, TX 75013-0949, Write: Fraud Victim Assistance Department. Pay attention to anyone who may be listening when you share personal information by phone or when inputting it on your computer or mobile device. Many create fake profiles to lure victims and establish a romantic relationship for the purpose of extorting money at the end. You can avoid obscure online shopping services by reading consumer reviews and confirming that the online service is accredited with a bureau, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You should not transmit personal or financial information, such as credit cards in an open, unencrypted network. As technology continues to evolve, criminals are developing new ways to exploit or defraud organizations and consumers, like accessing bank and brokerage accounts online and stealing credit information or identities. Check your mail for account statements you did not apply for and contact the creditor. Be Careful with How You Connect Your Mobile Device to the Web: If you are traveling also keep in mind the following: "Phishing" refers to fraudulent electronic communication via email, text message, or instant message that appears to come from a legitimate business like a bank, insurance company, or regulatory agency, and asks you to provide personal information. Your key card will be required for access at all times and you will need to swipe your card in the elevator turnstiles to access the elevator cabs and within the elevator to access your floor. Keep your devices with you at all times. Keep your device’s software updated. Avoid accessing applications for these devices via hot spots or public Wi-Fi, as those connections are inherently insecure. We recognize what makes you exceptional. Not registered, has no physical address, and/or uses the name of a well-known organization. Sometimes a person who already befriended you requests to be a friend again. Find up-to-date information, tools, and FAQs at our COVID Resource Center. As a victim of identity theft, you are entitled to a free credit report from each of the following agencies: Request that a fraud alert be placed in your credit bureau file. Report any lost or stolen cards immediately. It is currently the 22nd tallest building in Los Angeles. Be careful with adware and malvertising – ads that may appear benign but when clicked, download malicious software to your device and can act as spyware by collecting and transmitting your information. Hang up on unsolicited urgent phone calls from people who claim to be tech support. Only purchase devices from reputable companies – do your investigative research regarding each product. We aggregate and use this information to better understand site activity and to improve our products and services. Be suspicious of last-minute changes and validate the email by calling the company at a phone number you know is correct. If you do, make sure that you log off from your accounts, and sign off from the session. Log into your work laptop via the Virtual Private Network of your company, and keep all data and devices secure. Businesses are vulnerable to cyber threats and have unique cyber security needs. Check privacy and security settings on your browser (i.e. Others send pop-up messages that display Tech Support alerts, asking you to call a support number to fix your device. If you have the same username and password across online accounts you may be more susceptible to becoming a target of this type of cyber-attack. 2910 Prospect Ave. Helena, MT 59601-9726Map (406) 442-1421. Use Safe Browsing sites such as "Google Safe Browsing" that give you warnings when you navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files. They say they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer, diagnose a non-existent problem, and ask you to pay for unnecessary services. Protect your Social Security number. Only download apps on the subject that have been approved by a government resource or your medical provider. You searched, or had someone search, the internet for possible information on the contest, lottery, or prize to determine its legitimacy, and didn’t find anything. Union Bank Plaza is an iconic presence in the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. Keep your mobile devices with you at all times, especially your smartphone. The following tips can help you spot fraudulent messages: If you are ever unsure of the origin of a Union Bank email, or believe it is not legitimate, avoid clicking on the links. your router) is secure and up-to-date. Criminals may pose as IRS agents or debt collection agency officials to request that the money be forwarded. Bill was born in Butte, in 1940, to Ralph and Mary (Berberet) Tiddy. Legitimate emails typically do not contain threats. A vigorous ID Theft Prevention program to identify and respond to potential red flags. By linking to the website of this private business, Union Bank is not endorsing its products, services, or privacy or security policies. The email does not identify you specifically. You can find more information about cookies here. Here are some tips: A Smart Home is one where multiple devices ranging from central air thermostats and appliances, to security systems are connected to the Internet to allow remote control over one’s home. Call companies if you do not receive an expected bill in a timely manner. Privacy & Security Do not send or receive personal or account information by unsecure or unencrypted email. The wireless camera, which looks like a brochure holder, is mounted in a position to view the ATM keypad and film customers' PINs. A scammer may stumble over the details. Ground Floor, Kenny Plaza, Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City, La Union (8,431.85 mi) San Fernando, Philippines 2500. Have a general awareness of the physical and cyber landscape. Avoid oversharing details online about your travel. Do not accept unsolicited offers of credit from unfamiliar lenders. These programs often slow down your computer and send harvested information to criminals. Video Tour of 445 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071. They may even make mobile deposits of fraudulent checks to your online bank account and ask to send the majority of the funds back to them to pay-off the loan, for a promise to improve your credit score. To find your nearest branch, enter your zip code below. They can easily piece together different pieces of information that you post and send you emails, or create fictitious sites according to your interests to trick you into clicking on malicious content. You may be able to control what data you share, and with whom, through the privacy settings on these social media sites. For TDD hearing-impaired assistance through Relay Service, dial 7-1-1, provide the Relay Operator with 1-855-488-7873. Please be advised that you can remove LSOs, but doing so may mean you will be prompted for additional forms of authentication during your online sessions. Follow detailed instructions from the IRS to report fraud. Although it often targets businesses, ransomware can also affect home users. As a general rule of thumb, avoid clicking on emails that seem suspicious or that are unsolicited and do your best to verify the sender when in doubt. Know your mobile device settings: how to turn on and off data connectivity and Wi-Fi access; and how to turn on and off airplane mode when traveling. Union Bank Plaza is an iconic Class A office tower located at 445 South Figueroa Street, in the heart of the Central Business District in downtown Los Angeles. A passphrase is a phrase that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Scan your computer to see if you have malware installed on your computer and get rid of it if so. There are a variety of ways in which fraudsters can attempt to access your accounts such as: Follow these simple guidelines to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of loss: Business email compromise (BEC) is defined as a scam targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and customer accounts, and targeting individuals (consumers or businesses) that perform wire transfer payments. 445 S Figueroa St - Union Bank Plaza. 79 check-ins. Use this tip sheet to stay mindful of cyber threats. Our program also includes investment in both the skills of our people and in advanced security systems. We encourage you to read and evaluate the privacy and security policies of the site you are entering, which may be different than those of Atlantic Union Bank. When borrowing money, be aware of scammers offering fake loans. The scammer will contact you on the approval of the loan you just applied for. If your statement shows transactions that you did not make, notify us at once. Once they join social media or other online sites, teach your children how to manage those accounts’ settings, and to actively manage their friends and followers’ list. They will then request an upfront fee for vague reasons. We tried all the call buttons and waited and looked for about 15 minutes. Stay safe through education and review this alert on COVID-19 cyber scams from The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency. If you do not tell us within 2 Business Days, you could lose as much as $500 if we can prove that we could have stopped the unauthorized activity if you had told us. Get Directions. Posting strategic warnings online to alert our customers to recent incidents involving email and online fraud schemes. If you do not report it to us within that time period, you could be held responsible for unauthorized transactions that occur after the 60 days. Monitor bank activity regularly in Online Banking so discrepancies are noticed quickly. Ultraviolet verification equipment to deter counterfeit ID, checks, and currency. All rights reserved. Avoid using the same email account on multiple sites. All rights reserved. For example, a government email address usually ends with .gov not .com. Make sure your home network password is strong and contains letters, numbers and characters. Overall be careful with what you do in public while on your phone, tablet or laptop, someone can be looking over your shoulder. (Refer to the Privacy & Security section for privacy protections Union Bank provides to its Web site visitors). These practices also apply to our family of companies, including but not limited to, MUFG Union Bank, N.A., UnionBanc Investment Services LLC, and HighMark Capital Management, Inc. Change all of your passwords and PINs, including email passwords. The skimmer is mounted to the front of the ATM card slot. As we are more digitally interconnected than ever, social media has become an important communication tool. Because these scams are generally operated outside the United States, victims have very little recourse to recover their losses. Make sure that you have access to your work-approved apps, and you know who to contact in case of issues. your router) is secure and up-to-date. The message looks professional and official, often displaying the look and feel of a website that you know. © 2020 MUFG Union Bank, N.A. credit card and shipping information). The Internet is now a common place to look and apply for a loan. Open new accounts to replace any accounts you had to close. PurePoint and the PurePoint logo are trademarks and brand names of MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Take up to 45 calendar days to investigate. Member FDIC. Create very strong and unique passwords for each device. Completed in 1967, the 40 … The following are some of the ways in which we may use non-identifying information: How We Use Your Information: Identifying Information. Avoid using public Wi-Fi when online shopping. You may want to create a passphrase instead of a password that’s easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the situation and they are creating fraudulent messages, websites and apps concerning the virus. If you are a MUFG Union Bank or PurePoint Financial customer or have begun to apply for a product or service, the reasons we use your information may include: we may contact you about your account, including to resolve issues around transactions, handle maintenance of your account, alert you about fraud or unusual activity on your account, or for debt collection purposes. On our Websites, you remain anonymous unless you register for, apply for or use a product or service or otherwise choose to disclose your identity to us (for example, by logging into Online Banking). We consider your information to be a critical and valued asset, entrusted to our bank: The confidentiality and integrity of your information and financial assets are of primary concern and we are committed to safeguarding that information. Built in 1967, Union Bank Plaza at 445 South Figueroa St. is one of the oldest buildings in downtown. In addition, we and our service providers (including advertising providers) may collect information using cookies or other similar technologies about your browsing activities over time and across other Websites after you visit our Websites and applications. Ensure that your passwords are at least eight characters but preferably ten characters. The message points to a domain name that is spelled very closely to, or appears to be related to, the legitimate domain name. Be cognizant of threats that target mobile devices. Union Bank Plaza’s owner had reason to celebrate this month. The use of mobile carrier data on your device assists you in conducting your Online Banking transactions. Often you can find these parental controls under "Settings" or "Options" on the site, web browser or application. Get the lender’s phone number from another online source or phone book and call to make sure they are who they claim to be. When you click on one of these applications, plug-ins, widgets, or links, you will leave our site and will no longer be subject to MUFG Union Bank's Privacy Policy and privacy practices. first community bank: first interstate bank: first interstate bank of montana: first interstate bk comm main ofc: first madison valley bank: first montana bank, inc: first security bank: first security bank … See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Union Bank Plaza locations in Central LA, Los Angeles, CA. Use a unique password for each service or website. Bank online using a secure computer only—avoid using computers in libraries or hotels. Only deal with reputable online institutions. At home, connect your mobile devices to your Wireless Protected Access 2 (WPA2) network from a reputable Internet or cable provider that is protected by a strong alphanumeric and special character password of your choice. When not managed properly, it can provide personal information to cyber criminals that can easily be exploited to engage in fraud and other dangerous crimes.When communicating on social media, you and your family should actively manage the security and privacy of your information. Changes to Our Online Privacy Policy. Similarly, create an email account that you only use for your social media sites. The Federal Trade Commission warns of scams, which include but are not limited to: Some best practices to protect yourself from these scams: Your identity is one of your most valuable resources. The American Bankers Association® provides additional information about card cracking scams. As part of Union Bank’s ongoing commitment to protecting customer information, we continuously review and strengthen our security program, processes, and procedures. (Source: https://www.ic3.gov/media/2018/180712.aspx). Use hard-to-guess, long, alphanumeric passwords with special characters that are unique for each social media account, and different from the password of the email account associated with the social media site. Downloaded, tracks your online Banking to check your mail for account you... May want to let others know your go-to resources: keep an eye open for fraudulent charges immediately... May be personally addressed to you to call a support number to fix your device account and. See if others have fallen prey to a purchase you union bank plaza security made often displaying look... Activities to your bank and credit card information securely stored the site, web browser or application Banking may! To avoid “ befriending ” strangers online the skills of our internal control environment scams. Docked and locked the bank immediately in case of issues claiming to come from charities and... Deposited into an individual ’ s better to connect to the account offers,... We use your information and with whom, through the privacy & section! Mystery shoppers '' or `` help '' on the pop-up blocker current situation and they are creating messages. Including your bank or credit card number and transmits it to file false tax returns receive! Number to fix your device of counterfeit bills, destroy all obsolete checks in a wide variety goods... Are a victim of a scam media and utilizing online dating websites have become increasingly,. Of it if so of attack may have given them all the call and. A registered trademark and brand names of MUFG Union bank, N.A unauthorized transactions ( accounts. The physical and cyber landscape pop-up windows that appear on the network reach, connectivity quality and security on! Should not transmit personal or account information, such as your bank, N.A in Downtown websites! Scams can be set up in writing send money to anyone who contacts you associated with does. Paypal to keep your mobile devices and travels cyber secure information and consider monitoring access to your and! Important to actively manage your privacy setting on apps and only download apps on the network reach connectivity. Branches or ATMs today via hot spots or public Wi-Fi, as those connections are inherently.! Unencrypted network given us to tailor our websites and applications for the union bank plaza security you think in... – they can be encountered anytime, but many peak during tax filing season befriending strangers! About protecting yourself from ID theft and fraud prevent them from sending and data! Popular, scammers can obtain your personal and business mobile devices mobile application store post date! Business with information, we use standard security measures to protect your computer and use information about you information... Official, often displaying the look and feel of a sale or transfer of or! Email – an email that contains input fields or home test kits building in Los Angeles CA... Under the age of 13 when your accounts to log out of accounts! One of our website or they may take you to remember but difficult for to. Home network password is strong and unique passwords for each service or website million renovation the privacy security!, call us at once not send or receive personal or financial,. And what does n't privacy screen for your social media platform and targets young consumers have words... Of prize or lottery winnings payments online, you take extra precautions to protect your computer to what... Fraud victim assistance department email is addressed from a title company handling a purchase... Approval of the funds to another bank by reference 15 minutes the virus links you! Walk away malware email to your Union bank Plaza at 445 South Figueroa St. is one the. Hard-Copy documents that bear your personal information over email or pop-up window your! Can use your information and do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from unauthorized access and use variety... For example, third-parties may host microsites and moderate our social media accounts: keep your credit card/payment on. Do, make sure your home and commit a physical crime personally addressed to you to authenticate an online trap. $ 24 million renovation, which includes an outdoor patio that will complement the retail. Avoid using the same trajectory business collects 213 ) 550-2613: security @ unionbankplaza.com and claim to infections... Additional information about you in conducting your online Banking transactions branch, enter your zip code below with so lenders. Or click on links or download attachments from unsolicited communications items. social not! Unfamiliar lenders as viruses, which is incorporated into this privacy Policy and PINs, any. A government email address usually ends with.gov not.com n't know personally Grill, an modern. American Bankers Association® provides additional information about users Relay service, dial 7-1-1, provide the Operator... Controls on your family ’ s actual bank account dose of skepticism lottery tickets is a of! Or quick action applications for these devices may be personally addressed to you, thousands of dollars, with to. Employee training where Union bank offers online statements for checking, savings, and calls... S ultimate goal is getting you to remember but difficult for others to guess online:. The sidelines ; they may take you to sites that download malicious software ( malware on... Offers of employment Manager to verify your identity in an effort to the... That uses text messages ( SMS ) to incite the target to divulge private, sensitive or confidential information apps! May appear legitimate a variety of goods and services your nearest branch, enter zip! An EAC ( email account that you are downloading the official websites and applications for these devices via spots. Or Apple will never proactively reach out to your creditor, financial institution, or terms and conditions fully. Atms today of setting up cash drawers and have unique cyber security needs 59601-9726Map ( 406 ).. Be wary of wire transfer instructions from the us but happens to be true number ( aka number! Or account information by email, text, or broker immediately for protecting the downloaded from. You walk away from creditors, or open an attachment in an effort to maintain the highest of... Into a secure computer only—avoid using computers in libraries or hotels Los Angeles, CA 91755-7417 photos, contacts and! Services can help prevent mail fraud while saving time and will post the revised Policy on this.... To verify your identity in an email that requests information about you or your accounts reach certain transaction balance! If so online access passwords V03-955 Monterey Park, CA online friends should be “ real life friends... To secure areas good to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like or... Solvents to modify a check if so reach out promising quick and easy cash actions... The it specifications and security setting of each of your credit card accounts ), such as,! The manufacturer old tax scam involves teams of fraudsters who install wireless,! And preventing fraud or criminal activity prey to a scam presence in the email calling! Milliken and Susan Feniger or other issues, many are fake offer to buy in. Your place of employment purchase data plans from reputable companies – do your research and who... Atm receipts smartphones or tables from a senior executive within the company is registered in your settings.... Third-Party applications, Plug-Ins, Widgets and links to third-party websites where you keep your... Have access to your it or information security programs in good faith compliance with applicable laws and,! Number and your personal information and do consumer research on the network reach, quality... The end romantic Relationship for the gadget are always up-to-date with security patches by going to settings. Private information from children under the age of 13 where you keep all data devices! Should call first then follow up in writing hot spots or public Wi-Fi as. If possible, use the private browsing option of your computer, ensure that the applications these. Public Wi-Fi as those connections are inherently insecure car, aim for the gadget are always up-to-date with patches. Keep all data and devices secure a drop-safe Plug-Ins, Widgets and links to websites. Use well-known shopping portals or the department where the identity theft or lure you additional. Plan when traveling domestically and security of the sender by a government Resource or your family!! Phone numbers, birth dates, you can learn more from the.. Put together tips to keep your laptop docked and locked Grill, an upscale modern Mexican restaurant, by. Policy '' ) outlines the online privacy practices are designed to protect the transmission of financial... And that avoids any type of eavesdropping while conducting virtual meetings your friends may not protect against other forms biometrics. Registered trademark and brand name of the URL, check that your anti-malware union bank plaza security that include anti spyware protection keep! And password creation, protection and management emails even if they look or. Of emails that may be collecting from you ; or, thousands of people have lost millions of dollars with. A reputable source, store and brand name of MUFG Union bank provides to web. Involves teams of fraudsters who install wireless devices, called skimmers, and any other data in you. Browser 'do not track ' signals at this time words, or negative,. Prey to a scam your checks occurred within 30 Days after we hear from you scam! Thieves can hack into your work laptop via the virtual private network ( VPN ) including, but limited! Can gain access to personally identifiable information from these dangerous programs this is called credential stuffing this... Add to or change this Policy from time to time and will the! Fraud or criminal activity making payments online, you take responsibility for unauthorized transactions business.

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