, which will also colour it based on syntax. Thanks Rodney The new name appears on all devices linked to your Dropbox account, and on dropbox.com. in the authoring file's content. The new file name will be related to the author and title, but the original file name is a semi random one like "THP03.pdf". How do I split the document into 1000 single page document and rename the file to the account number listed in that page. For more on how to upload new attachments, see this article. Can’t delete it by right clicking on it – says file name is too long. Use pdf properties like title, subject and author to rename pdf files If you have a large library of PDF files, you can add pdf properties like title and author to the file name of the PDF files. To alter PDF content, you need Adobe Acrobat. So we need to use wildcards. Click the Rename/Replace button at the end of the attachment. You should be able to rename the PDF just like renaming any file. However, I do have some files that need to have individual suffixes. Short for ‘move’ the mv command is a command that is used primarily to move files and folder from one location to another. A file's extension (the letters appearing after the period in a filename, such as "txt" in "details.txt") tells a computer what type of file it is and what type of program should be used to open that file. In order to rename the file, I have to remember the keyword in title and author name then close it in order to rename this opened file. Once you open the pdf in Acrobat, access Properties (Ctrl + D) from the File menu. On the resulting dropdown, select Rename Document. As a workaround, you can right-click the PDF file from the browser and then select Save target as in order to download it. 2021 Grown Up Geek/GrownUpGeek.com, (If you're a human, don't change the following field), Computers, Networking & other technologies, Allowed HTML tags: