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Golden Riverside figs have a subtle sweet flavor. Description Up for auction is this strong and healthy cutting of a beautiful fig Cuttings bigger than a sharpie and at least 3 viable nodes. Just to make it clear, I have said from the beginning that there is the chance that they could be the same. Two things I do not have, and are very jealous of, lol. Could I be wrong on that?? In an attempt to combat this has developed a trusted eBay sellers list you can view ... Golden Celeste Golden Riverside Gota De Mel Granadina (true) Grantham Royal Grassas Unk Seattle Greek #2 Green Ischia Green Ischia UC Davis. I’m mountainfigs at Ourfigs forum. A great light fig. Large syrupy sweet with a jelly like consistency. Unfortunately it has 5 finger leaves, which is clearly NOT a black Madeira. There is some speculation and debate that Ben’s Golden Riverside NKA Golden Rainbow may be Yellow Long Neck. Golden RiversideFigis avigorous grower for me and I have had a bumper harvestharvest Ask for the source, if you need that information. Climate and the wasp. Specially coming from people that have no real proof and is just going by a couple of pictures of 2 varieties. 2. I hope this post is ok HarveyC , if not i will remove. I’m hoping to get more info and see the darker colored figs that I had from Robert’s tree. He was extremely pleasant to talk to and even … My mother Tree is been with me for 3 yrs. We received Oro Rosata, Unknown Pastiliere and Smiths from WillsC ( The images are starting to go up, I'm talking with others who are growing all three, studying them side by side and I'm growing them to do the same. Lol. So as a grower, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. And you're now saying people got scammed. Till then I will have this page which will show you what is currently in stock. Wish list - 1. This gallery has 1 photos. I have both varieties and I think they are different. We are promoting a contest to Get On The Map! Yeah, that alone I'll walk away from as that comment alone shows your persona. Wow, looks like I need to wait a few years for this one. All times are GMT-5. They are all the same fig. Golden Rainbow is a large size fig that has full of flavor. I dont see anyone, intentionally scamming anyone so why even go there. South Florida - 10b. One thing for sure is there will be a lot of discussions on the topic before sesons end, WL : Regatta Rosso, Unk Pastilliere, Black Algier, Cipolla, Hative d'Argentieull, Reina de Malaga, Ascoli Piceno. Figaholics : This fig that was developed as part of the UC Riverside fig breeding program. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. I’d also like to hear from more than just Bin-bin on the assessment before I dive in. I just took a look at the leaves of my Roberts Golden Rainbow .It has 3 very rounded lobes and some that are almost fully round like dinner plates no lobe but----no serrations on the edges-very smooth. I am an avid fig collector and all my figs come from reputable fig farm and individual collectors, I only sell … Sad to say tooo risky and costly for me. BC BYRON. Ive also rooted a cutting of Yellow Long Neck and the leaves do not look the same and have serrations along the edges. I do know there was no brown on the fig. End of story. I could point to a lot of pics that look almost exactly like this but that does not mean that they are the same. When i see a fig name, i often ask myself, let me search for that on ourfigs. There has been some discussions on the topic. Ben's golden riverside is the same as Golden rainbow but not to yellow long neck. Yeah, I’m no scientist. The 3 basic fig flavor profiles can be sorted into 10 flavor, pulp and skin color modes: Photos of the fig … Join Date: Jan 2019; Posts: 1468; Share Tweet #4. This page was generated at 12:15 AM. Cuttingswill bearound 9-10inches long with a … Those are typical figs, ripened in September? First leaves are often nothing like the eventual leaves they will have. There are several people growing both now. The figscame in this year about 60 grams. Big and bright, with beautiful yellow-gold skin and relatively large fruit, Brooklyn White can… White Baca, Rigato de Salento PB, Iranian Candy, 5 Terre A UNK, Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Kellie UNK, Figion/VdN, Mario’s Casa di Lazzaro #50. well one on Ebay the other day went for over $200 ,that was for one cutting. These arefor Two (2) Roberts Golden Rainbowfig cuttings. Perhaps I picked fruit too early. For me frankly, I like trying both of them myself which is fun. It looks the same as my UCR GR. I do get behind on PM's so if you do not get a prompt reply email me directly at I have had some reports that people using this contact form did not get a reply. These were cut today (12/20/20) and immediately tightly wrapped and put in cold storage. Is this the same golden riverside that was available on wills figs yesterday? Lol. We provide to you for information in the field of figs. My tree is from UC Davis so unless they sent the wrong cutting, it could be the climate or wasp difference between mine and Harvey's. The Golden Rainbow trees are medium size trees in the ground (15' wide X 20' tall).History; This variety has a mystery origin. Period. Maybe it's like Preto and BM or maybe it's like JHAdriatic and Verte or maybe it's like Brown Turkey and Texas Everbearing. The only one making a big fuss about it is you. If you call it UNK golden riverside that could introduce any other golden yellow fig to get mixed up in this hectic hobby. These are the real deal. I get to learn how my biases colored my thinking process. Due to overwhelming response and limited cuttings, I put these up for auction. Many of us are still growing it. So they look identical and have superior flavor’s not bad to admit it’s the same variety, actually it would be beneficial for the community to admit to ourselves we participated in a little “Tulip Mania” To evade and brush it off is unhealthy. Similar to an Italian honey but just much bigger but not as sweet. Gros Monstruse Di Lipari Gulbun TF Hardy Chicago Hardy Hartford Hivernenca … I move on but I wont call anyone a "scammer". We won a Ben’s Golden Riverside in a raffle drawing! Lattarula is an unusual green skin honey fig with an early breba crop.

Iden Quanjude Menu, Open Up The Sky This Mess Is Getting High, Family Guy Blm Episode, Is It Windy In Hurghada In December, Go-ahead Bus Driver Assessment, Rochester Radio Stations,

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