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There are several categories to explore. While similar in size to its sister model, the JBL L100 Classic, the 4312G is produced as a mirror-imaged pair of speakers. So him and I started researching and ended up copying the KSC-10w or something like that. Mit seinen 24 Kilo pro Stück nicht sonderlich leicht aber von den Abmessungen her, im Vergleich zum Pioneer HPM 100, doch handlich. JBL - 4312A PROFESSIONAL STUDIO CONTROL MONITORS ALMOST EXCELLENT CONDITION CLEA. These things DO NOT LIE! I understand the Nyquist Theory and all, but 16/44 is just barely enough to pass as a suitable format to listen to anything on true high fidelity audiophile gear. We had this pair of JBL 4411B control monitors available so i took them home. This was hooked up to the ELAC PPA-2 Phono preamp. Pure Quality Sound. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 5.0 (5/5 based on 1 review) 1 user review: 100 %: Not satisfied with those reviews? I just tell them all the music they listen to was probably mastered on JBL's. And that’s a large demographic these days. The mirror-imaged design allows for horizontal as well as vertical placement should you wish to experiment. When the JBL 4312G speakers arrived, I set them up in my studio listening area positioned about 9-feet apart on stands and toed-in at about a 10-degree angle, as this is how I customarily start off. Right below that we have a 1” Magnesium/Aluminum alloy dome tweeter within a waveguide sitting next to a 5” polymer-coated pure-pulp-cone midrange driver. Joel’s anguished vocals are also dead center and clear as a bell. An OPPO BDP-105D Universal Player served as the main source (using both discs and a hard drive full of FLAC and DSD files) while the ELAC Alchemy DDP-2 preamp (review in progress) and the Anthem STR power amp completed the audio chain. I agree that certain types of music do not sound very good with these and require some adjustments to tone and EQ. Ah yes, a little classic Canadiana in the form of one of Rush’s most enduring albums. Based on the design of the classic JBL 4310 and 4311 studio control monitors of the 1970s, the new JBL 4312G means to bring much of the company’s vaunted music production “cred” to the home environment. While I can’t say with any degree of certainty that these sound anywhere near the same as those speakers of old, they most certainly sound good by today’s standards. Im a director of enginering for a large radio company in Canada. 4 April, “1986, “Part 2”- Journal of the Audio Engineering Society Vol. The JBL 4312G plays it with style and they give it some stones. Of course, there may have been more at play here than just the sound that was giving me the “warm & fuzzies” with these speakers. The in-room measurement is an 18-point spatial average. While these JBLs may not have the same level of upper-end transparency as what I heard from the Revel F228Be that I just had here previously (granted, perhaps a slightly unfair comparison) or my Salk Songtowers (much closer in price), the 4312G did acquit themselves well to strings, flutes and brass without ever becoming annoying or fatiguing. They will reveal EVERY glitch, mistake, dissonant tone, whatever. Again I stress that the previous posts are abolutely correct about underpowering the 4312. All those speakers back then were trying their hardest to look very serious, their designs no doubt aping professional studio loudspeakers of the day. A true glimpse of studio quality sound. A staple from my middle school years and an early digital recording, The Nylon Curtain holds up really well as one of Billy Joel’s best creative works. Ask any "audiophile" On and off-axis measurements were taken with the mic at a distance of 1-meter from the tweeter. Recently I found another pair at a local yard sale for $50. I took the woofer out just to see it. Granted, there's much better loud speakers out there but for the money, "these are the deal of century". Last update: August 13, 2019. Still have them. Tag Archives: A review of the JBL 4312 studio monitor speaker. In pretty much mirroring the driver layout of the old 4311, the 4312G starts with a 2 and ¾” wide port at the top. The bass impact from those 12-inch woofers was also very solid. I was first introduced to this near field studio monitor when I was working at WTBS in 1983. right thru JBL monitors. The specified midrange crossover of the 4312G is 640Hz. about JBL monitors, and he will probably go into a tirade and mention electrostats Share this Tweet this In our picks for best studio monitors, we presented the JBL LSR305 as another option besides those picked. Yamaha HS7 Review . Super price vs quality. Below you’ll find our reviews for the best studio monitors currently available. Occasionally, I would swap the STR amp for an ELAC Alchemy DPA-2 power amp (also in for review). A well-produced modern jazz recording that I heard at RMAF and quickly snapped up a copy. Great overall sound with good imaging in the sweet spot. “Limelight” is probably one of my favorite Rush songs and, like the rest of this album, sounds perfectly right to me on these speakers. Condition is "Used". Excellent High-End Studio Monitors. For a vinyl source, I used my Technics SL1200 Mk 6 modified by KAB Electroacoustic, along with an Audio Technica OC9ML/II Moving Coil phono cartridge. Liberty DeVito’s drum work is right out front and sounds tight yet powerful. The walnut (the 4312s were never covered in oak) veneer was in good to excellent shape and all drivers worked perfect after replacing the one mid. JBL S-38II, JBL 12" Powered Subwoofer, S-Center. were really doing. The overall look of the JBL 4312G was bringing on a healthy dose of nostalgia to these eyes. 5 May, “1986 ). All user reviews for the JBL 4412 studio monitor. My 18-year-old has a turntable and listens to vinyl regularly. I was taken away by these mid size speakers. Price engine. I know they are more accurate as they are true control monitors, but I have never gotten used to them and always run them along with my L110s. The 6 dB hump centered at 400Hz could account for some of the perceived vocal prominences that I was hearing from these speakers. Carlo started his own company and has been freelancing artwork, from his home studio, for primarily the toy and publishing industries since 2001. In the last few years, JBL has been going “back to the well” so to speak and drawing inspiration from its history, both pro and home, when designing new speakers that will entice today’s consumers. I still will repair the Vegas because when it comes to certain DVD movies with explosions like the Matrix / Titanic etc they can really move a lot of air and the pictures but when it comes to music I think these JBL's have a new home. There’s no better time than now to have a look! Posted by elixerofelectrodes on January 1, 2012. For an used pair of speakers, this is what they mean when they say the don't make'm like they use to. Any percieved inconsistencies can be corrected using a parametric or paragraphic EQ.With these you can isolate offensive frequencies and use a narrower band "notch" frequency to get rid of unwanted harshness. Anyways i started there and then soon after that I wanted some base im not sure how i came up with that but i did. He just bought his first non-downloaded album and was it a CD? JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor Review. I would recommend the JBL 4312's as an affordable, awesome set of speakers to anyone. All Rights Reserved. Since I got the 4312's, "I've got a whole new love for all my vinyl". As a direct descendant of the legendary model 4310/4311 family, the 4312SE maintains the iconic 12-inch (300mm) 3-way design that set the standard for recording monitors in the 1970’s. Front-mounted High and Mid Trim controls are handy. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: mtbr.com | In the JBL 4312G we come full circle and are presented with a design that is directly based on the old JBL 4311 professional control monitor that found favor in many production studios in the 1970s. I had limited listening time in the store but purchased them anyway. The stereo field is awsome, the bass clean and tight, and they sound very accurate. 34, No. The JBL 4312G is principally inspired by the 4310 family of professional studio monitors that came into prominence during the early 1970s. Performance is best described as clean and dynamic. The JBL 4312G is an interesting animal in many respects. I'm slightly ashamed to admit I can recall the original L100 Century on which JBL's 4312 MkII retro speaker is firmly based. The JBL® 4312 E studio monitor is the direct descendent of the legendary Model 4310, the original JBL monitor that forever changed audio recording, introduced in 1968. Reviews Speaker Reviews Floor Standing Speakers. And I no they will last forever. Career-wise, Carlo eventually graduated from Sheridan College with a degree in Classical Animation and was subsequently employed by Walt Disney Consumer Products for 10 years as a Character Artist and Art Director. Von dieser Tradition, aber auch von Innovation geprägt sind die im Inneren des JBL Studio Monitors 4312 verbauten Komponenten. The Lows, Mids, and Highs are very crisp. Home. Nothing gets lost or sounds mushy and every instrument is easy to follow. WTF??? I mostly listen to classic rock and they are still as good as the day I purchased them. After one of the NS-10's blew up (oops! All user reviews for the JBL 4312. 3-way Bass Reflex Bookshelf Loudspeaker with front-firing port, Single 1” Magnesium/Aluminum alloy dome tweeter with waveguide, (H x W x D): 23.5 x 14.25 x 12 inches (597 x 362 x 305mm), jbl, synthesis, speakers, bookshelf, 4312g.

Oakland County Jail Mugshots, Houses In Incheon, Epson L220 Ink, Pen Name Of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Duraseal Country White On Red Oak, Bridgewater-raritan Regional School District, Steel Cut Oats Vs Large Flake Oats,

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