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Visas may be issued for property owners, students, employment, athletes, coaches, etc. Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, is a state in southeastern Europe, located on the southern Balkan peninsula. • Electronic photograph and fingerprints submitted in person to the local decentralized administration. Guyana • Ownership will be examined every five years. (b) has personally the full ownership, possession and peaceful enjoyment of real estate property in Greece. Czech Republic Italy • Birth Certificates of the Children (original and certified translation), provided that children are under the age of 21 years. The Greek Permanent Residency is valid for life as long as the property remains in the name of the applicant. Canada Armenia does not apply. • Copy of the Purchase Contract (of a property worth at least € 250,000) and the registration of Title Deed from the ‘Registry of Mortgage’. I just found this out in July while renewing my residence permit…and they are a bit stricter re: health insurance, wanting proof of payment, and proof of coverage in Greece. Residence Permit Greece: Discover how to become a permanent resident of Greece through the Greek Residency by Investment Program. • Permanent Residence Permit (PR) for Greece is also a Schengen Visa. New Caledonia Once granted, the Permanent Residency Permit covers the whole family: the main applicant and spouse, their parents and children under 21 years of age. Netherlands (Holland, Europe) United Kingdom France Comoros The concept of usual (permanent) residence is determined for tax purposes in Greece if someone resides in Greece for more than 183 days, cumulatively during any 12-month period, including their short term stay abroad. You will need to stay in Greece for at least 183 days a year and could apply for permanent residence in 5 years. Dominican Republic What you wrote is true. • No minimum savings account needed. If required, through our network of developers and agents, we will research real estate options, to find and present the most suitable investment possibilities to you. Afghanistan Processing Time. Zaire • The investor may sell the property and transfer it to another non-EU National, who in turn will also be eligible for PR. Anyone who invests a minimum of 250,000 Euros in Greek property, along with their family members are eligible. Vanuatu Tanzania Netherland Antilles HOW FAST CAN YOU RECEIVE PR? Those arising from the sale of immovable assets are currently tax-exempt.Greece has enacted controlled foreign company rules. After five years of continuous residence in Greece, the family members are eligible for permanent residence (Deltio Monimis Diamonis). Syria • PR for lifetime, provided applicant maintains ownership forever. Liberia The Greece Golden Visa allows non-EU applicants to file for Greek residency by way of a EUR 250,000 investment in local real estate. Slovakia Tunisia Korea South Panama Ghana Chad Purchasing a property worth € 250,000 gives you a PR Card for St Eustatius Virgin Islands (USA) Cook Islands Saipan The residence by investment program set out the guidelines on how non-EU citizens could obtain permanent residence in the country by investing €250,000 in Greek real estate. To be a tax resident in Greece an individual must spend more than 183 days per year within the country. Ukraine GREECE PR CARD – DOCUMENTATION 3. San Marino Belgium Chile Greece Golden Visa – How to Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship The Golden Visa for Greece is one of the most popular investment visa programs in the EU. Bosnia & Herzegovina Contact the closest Greek Mission to your area of residence for requirements. Barbados Zambia Taiwan Slovenia Angola Equatorial Guinea Guam B) A child born in Greece who is attending the A' grade of elementary school. Kiribati Papua New Guinea Saudi Arabia Guinea Flag Theory is an internationalization and offshore solutions provider, and the creator of residencies.io, Your privacy is important for us and we will keep your information secure. Because of the need to reside in the country the Greek golden visaprogram is considered a residency investment program rather than citizenship by investment. The Greek Immigration Code (Law 4251/2014) provides the possibility of granting a residence permit to third-country (non-EU) nationals who are family members of a Greek citizen. Anguilla French Guiana Bangladesh C) A child whose parent(s) has completed 5 continuous years of stay in Greece prior to the child's birth. Hong Kong Iran Malta Laos Mali The Greece Golden Visa was born. Iceland Reunion Bahamas Mauritania East Timor Capital gains from the sale of securities is subject to 15%. Congo life.What’s more, your family is also eligible for the PR card and you can get it within 10 days! You need to renew the Residency Card every 5 years. Trinidad & Tobago Poland Oman In the case of jointly owned property, worth 250,00… Cuba Bahrain British Indian Ocean Ter You can … With your new passport from Greece you'll be able to access 171 countries visa free, Credit card payments are collected by Incorporations Payments LLC with address at 26031 72nd Av NW, Suite O167, Stanwood, WA 98292, Although we use our best efforts to keep the information of this site accurate and up-to-date, we make no Burkina Faso Flag Theory is an internationalization and offshore solutions provider, and the creator of residencies.io. Guadeloupe Samoa American You can receive your PR in as little as 10 days from the day of receiving the title deed, if the house is located in Chania, Crete and within 3 months approximately if the property is in Santorini, Paros or Athens. Sudan Cameroon Under the Immigration and Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014, Government Gazette 1, no 80), non-EU nationals and their family members may be granted Greek residency in exchange for an investment in real estate. We disclaim any warranties expressed or implied, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. Romania Moldova 1. WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE PERMANENT RESIDENCY (PR)? Venezuela The above described residency permit (Golden visa) can be renewed every five years … Cote D'Ivoire Mexico Once the child is 24 years old, the parents can donate the property to the child. Options to Acquire Residence Permit in Greece: St Lucia Vietnam Falkland Islands There is a transfer tax of 3% levied on the transfer of real properties, if V.A.T. Denmark There is an additional real property tax levied on properties or sum of properties by a taxpayer over a tax value of €200,000.There is an inheritance tax: estates are taxed between 1-10%, for other heirs and rates range from 0 to 40%. Serbia Honduras Indonesia Applicants who already have invested at least €250,000, possess permanent residency and live in Greece for at least 183 days each year, can apply for Greek citizenship and a passport after seven years. Estonia Maldives Yemen Croatia St Kitts-Nevis This way the child becomes the primary PR holder and the parents can maintain their PR under the provision of the law for parents. Christmas Island Uzbekistan • Family Certificate from country of origin translated and certified. Dominica Wallis & Futana Is As of November 7, 2020, travel between other regions in Greece is allowed only for health reasons, business, family reunification, or to return to one’s place of permanent residence and requires declaration as described at forma.gov.gr/en. The Greece permanent residency program is the most competitive permanent residency scheme in Europe and it is available to investors who are willing to invest in real estate in Greece. Andorra HOW LONG IS THE PR VALID? • Three recent color photographs. Kazakhstan Greece Permanent Residency is highly sought-aſter for the wide range of European Greek Permanent Residence “To applicants who are third country nationals and invest in Greece” EU citizens enjoy their full rights and privileges, including the right to establish residency, buy property, open a business and work in Greece. Jordan • PR holders have free access to public education. Nepal Peru We shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, benefits it offers. Portugal Greece permanent residence permit program. By decision of the Secretary General of the Decentralized Administration, residence permit for five years, subject to renewal, is granted to a third country national who: (a) has legally entered the country with any type of visa or legally resides in the country, even if the type of residence permit that he possesses, does not permit change of purpose. The Greek Golden Visa program garnered approval and foreign interest very quickly for two reasons: 1. GREECE PERMANENT RESIDENCY: Methods of Investment for Permanent residence permit : - Investment in real estate by 250,000 Euros. Canary Islands There’s no fine print! Curacao Pakistan ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FOR GREECE PR CARD HOLDERS Guatemala Rental income is taxed separately at progressive rates from 0% to 45%. Isle of Man VISA-Free Travel Within. Vatican City State Seychelles Republic of Montenegro Note : Contrary to the EU laws, this does not apply to married gay and lesbian couples or those joined in civil … Tajikistan Israel Possibility of receiving permanent residency and EU Citizenship – Holders have the right to obtain the permanent residence after five years from the date of obtaining residence permits and following that they can freely claim Greek citizenship. We work primarily with banks that allow for remotely opened accounts to ensure that you are ready to make the investment and apply for the visa as soon as possible.Once the investment is made, we will send you the application forms and provide assistance to complete the questionnaires, and translate and authenticate documents. to receive internationalization, business-driven structuring intelligence directly to your inbox, Immigration by Investment and Tax Residency, Become an EU citizen, with the right to live, work, do business, invest, own property and access to healthcare and education benefits throughout the European Union, Visa-free or Visa on arrival to 171 countries, including United States, Schengen Area, United Kingdom, Get one of the most valuable passport worldwide, Access to educational and healthcare benefits, Travel visa-free across the European Union, Access to healthcare and education system, The right to live and work in Greece, without any time limit, Title Deeds or Proof of Registration of Real Estate, Notarial act proving real estate acquisition, Certified copy of Business License or Incorporation documents (if applicable). Luxembourg Wake Island St Vincent & Grenadines Mozambique Fiji Lithuania associated company, is not engaged in the practice of law or tax. View our privacy policy, Thank you very much for contacting us. You need to present a certificate of ownership of the property and submit biometric data once in every five years. Cape Verde If required, we can file the application on your behalf, so you won’t need to come to the country for it.Once your application is approved, you may apply for your residency card. 1. 4. St Barthelemy Ecuador Samoa Burundi China • Photocopy of a valid passport including the entry visa inside. Djibouti The Permanent Residency Permit grants a Non-EU national the right to permanently reside in Greece with no renewal requirements. There are numerous ways to obtain Permanent Residence in Greece. Kyrgyzstan representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of Republic of Serbia Aruba Swaziland Bulgaria After five years of continuous residence or the marriage to a Greek national, a Permanent Residence Certificate (Eγγραφο Πιστοποίησης Μόνιμης Διαμονής Πολίτη Ε.Ε / Egrafo Pistopoisis Monimis Diamonis Politi Evropaikis Enoseis) can be applied for. If you wish to receive a legal opinion or tax advice Marshall Islands Macedonia United Kingdom citizens and their family members, irrespective of nationality, who are permanent residents of Greece, will have an established right of residence in the country after the end of the transitional period of the EU-UK Departure (Brexit) Agreement. Good. Select a Country Algeria Germany Mayotte Belarus Finland Owner will need to present only valid title deed, health insurance and resubmit biometric data. GREECE PERMANENT RESIDENCY – SUMMARY OF FEATURES The Greece permanent residence permit program enables an entire non-EU family, including dependent children up to age 24 and the parents of both spouses, to obtain permanent residency status in Greece within just 3 months (in some areas it takes less time) with a real estate investment of just €250,000. Greece is a member of the EU Schengen visa zone, so when you have this Greek residency permit, which is also called Greece Golden Visa, … Use of our websites FlagTheory.com, Incorporations.io, Residencies.io, Passports.io, is subject to our. • No minimum stay requirement.

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