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Quickly and easily send alerts about important issues to employees no matter what device type they are using. TextBetter is a business texting solution that makes it easy to send & receive texts from your existing landline number. Regroup empowers better mass communication that keeps people safe and informed at all times. You have full control over timing of your messages. This allows the schools, workplaces, and communities to collect safety concerns to help identify and intervene at-risk individuals and incidents. Twitter and Facebook notifications Other Features include Customer Surveys ,Personal Messages , 256 bit Encrypted From International Airport Operators to Academic Institutions, organisations trust Tekmon to reliably reach stakeholders. Deliver pop-up alerts to more than 10,000 users' screens and block an employee's work until he or she reads your message to the end. Most emergency and mass notification systems suffer from one fatal flaw - incomplete employee contact databases. We provide life time perpetual license for the usage of the program. Risk Detection. Track clicks in texts to measure ROI. RemoteComply Risk Management System is a cloud-based, software platform which allows companies to manage all areas of operational risk. Our system gives you the ability to send over 3,000 alerts per minute ensuring your calls and texts will be received nearly immediately. Genasys distributes clear, concise communications to keep operations running and save lives during critical situations. Opsgenie is a modern incident management and response solution for operating always-on services. Our platform completely bypasses email, so you're guaranteed to successfully hit your employees screens and grab their attention. The critical event management features help escalate the crisis response and recovery process to keep your people and business safe and protected. SpreadHub is desktop alert and notification software that allows you to establish trusted communication channel with your customers. Alert adapts to the screen and will be easily visible: both the text and the picture, the title and logo, as well as the confirmation button. Crises Control helps organisations keep lines of communication open by making it easy to send notifications to people at once. Since 2006, TextMarks easy to use web interface, robust API &reliable service have enabled thousands of customers to build their businesses, increase engagement and deliver timely information to more than 10 Million users in the U.S. Visit or call 800-696-1393 to learn more. Desktop Alert Notification Software. This software helps enterprises and global organizations centralize and automate mass alert notification processes. See why over 25,000 organizations use DialMyCalls. - Business Continuity Planning Your messages will dispel confusion, grab attention and impel action. API provides you with easy to use methods to manage your alert messages. Enjoy enterprise features, integrations, multi-location management, watchlists, SOC2, ITAR, GDPR. The entire process takes just a few minutes & once done, you'll send, receive & manage texts directly from your email inbox. Text message alerts included. Due to its instantaneous nature, recipients receive important emergency messages quickly, so they can respond as soon as possible. My Notifications Create custom subscriptions for Cisco products, series, or software to receive email alerts or consume RSS feeds when new announcements are released for the following notices: Cisco Security Advisories (PSIRTs) Bulk actions are available for alerts. It is useful for the webmasters who just want their members to get their messages without any audits. Alert Agility is an open source emergency notification software and a comprehensive solution for sending automated on-call schedules, escalations, and alerts for your infrastructure needs. Unlimited subscribers. practices with 21st-century technology to help school districts prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency. Pricing starts from 100 employees and above. Stay up-to-date on what is happening with Carports. From mapping and stakeholder engagement to communication between corporate and the field, right to the review of all information during the recovery stage, H2CommandCentre is your comprehensive solution. This simple desktop application will alert … Click Add notification rule. AlertMedia allows you to engage in real-time, two-way interactions with any size audience in seconds. Enterprise Alert provides automated, persistent alert notifications going far beyond the common 1- or 2-way alert notifications offered by other systems. RemoteComply consists of 6 integrated products including: Features include subscriber import, 3rd-party app integrations, online subscriber signup, shortcode signup, MMS, drip campaigns, groups, surveys, administrators, international messaging & more. Easily send mass text messages to all your customers in seconds. API Implementation to Automate the Webmaster tasks. If you wish, you can use Desktop Alerts API to fully automate your sending of alerts without leaving your website. Send or schedule discounts, surveys, & 2-way texts to engage your customers. Our intuitive directory allows you to make an easy online Emergency Notification software comparison in just a few minutes by filtering by deployment method (such as Web-based, Cloud Computing or Client-Server), operating system (including Mac, … With AlertFind's SmartContact feature, you'll never have to worry about reaching employees when every second counts. Save Your Time By Sending Pre-Defined Messages To A Pre-Defined Audience. Notifications can also run commands automatically when an alert is raised on a monitored system. If your infrastructure is spread across multiple locations and needs to manage schedules for multiple teams, this software can suffice your automated notifications and alerting requirements. In this solution, your Customized Control Panel and its apps are installed on your own server. Enterprise Alert is a critical alerting Mass Notification System software that effectively responds to unexpected incidents by empowering operations teams with on-premises and private cloud deployments. Dataminr is the leading AI platform for real-time event and EZ Textings messaging solutions help you provide better customer service, streamline communications, grow and nurture your leads, and improve your outreach efforts. You're never tied to your desk. Enable communities, schools, and workplaces to capture anonymous reports to achieve public safety. - IT Risk Assessment It can be integrated into your existing software application or be run through our user friendly dashboard. Starting at $12/mo. Our top-rated cloud-based platform includes bulk texting, MMS, delivery reports, reminder campaigns, text polls, keywords, textable numbers, and text-to-landline capability. A list of notifications can be found by navigating to Reports>>Notifications. Learn more about Regroup Mass Notification, Learn more about iLobby Visitor Management, Learn more about Raptor Emergency Management. Desktop Alert v.1.0. Company Statement The Desktop Alert Emergency Mass Notification System utilizes 'Actionable Intelligence'. This Email & SMS alert notification is a complete integrated specifically for the retail, restaurant … Specify the General information: Rule name - Specify a name for the notification rule. Konexus is an integrated emergency notification and crisis management solution featuring an easy-to-use mobile app with a modern and simple user interface our customers love. Use SMS alerts and text message notifications to improve your business processes and become more efficient today. Automate mass emergency notifications and headcount reports to security and management personnel. It’s easy to implement, use and track activity. It's easy, flexible & affordable + inbound texts are free. Used by Fortune 500, airports, banks, and SMBs. The ability to in-place intelligent methods, functions and triggers that interact with and bring crucial data to and from end-users based on With 1000s of customers and now in our 20th year in business, VoiceShot is one of the most trusted names in emergency notifications. CivicReady is a cloud-based mass notification system that empowers local governments to communicate information to citizens quickly and effectively. Notify over 10,000 users in 1-2 seconds. Crises Control is recommended in the Gartner Market Guide for Emergency Notification Solutions. iLobby adds an extra level of security to your organization with mass emergency notifications and unauthorized visitor alerts. Customization includes but is not limited to application icon, splash graphic, window dimensions, hyperlinks and titles. #1 SMS Marketing Service for Businesses. Our easy-to-use interface enables you to communicate with your employees and associated audiences via text, voice, email, app push notifications, social, conference call, and custom channels while getting real-time reports and insight. Reach every employee, every time. It's guaranteed that alerts will be received and seen by 100% of employees. Mobile Anytime and Anywhere: Konexus is an integrated crisis management and emergency communication solution featuring a modern and easy-to-use mobile app. Desktop Alert Software v.2.0. We also have a unique application for sending instant emergency notifications. RedFlag software has several templates that are useful for sending alerts on an urgent basis. Click here to learn more! Free trials available. - Emergency Notification. Rich media features of Desktop Alerts ensure employees engage with your messages. Affordable plans for companies of all sizes. By enabling one-tap messaging to multiple channels, Regroup Mass Notification helps organizations keep people safe, strengthen operational resilience, mitigate risk, and thrive in an increasingly unpredictable world. Send alerts on employee Laptops, Desktops, And Mobile Devices. Opsgenie is a modern incident management and response solution for operating always-on services. Our solution is an easy to use multi-channel mass notification system allowing you to deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups or individuals of any size via email, text messages, voice calls, social media, intranet, signage, and other endpoints. The custom filters can have the users filter the unwanted email messages and one can even block one or more particular email account from spamming their inbox. Each alert rule that triggers will create a notification. A notification channel which defines the format for the notification and the method by which the notification is sent. The Rave Alert emergency notification software monitors open rates and records them on the portal so system administrators can identify who may have not yet been alerted to the emergency. DeskAlerts is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Whatever the incident, iFollowAlerts True Two-way Communication bolsters your organizations safety & security protocols. Free for non-commercial usage. From data security to physical security, iLobby is trusted in high security facilities such as airports and banks. Send smarter with EZ Texting. The more eye-catching and engaging your notification, the more employees will … - Incident Response Tracking It works by simply pairing your landline number with your email address. risk detection. As shown above, software licensing alerts are shown alongside power/environmental and alerts from autodiscovery jobs. You can use different features to reach people on different devices such as desktop alerts, push notifications to mobile devices, digital signage, SMS and email messages. With Alerts, a mass notification software solution, you are able to send custom or pre-made notifications to targeted groups of individuals through the use of pre-made lists, selecting a geographical region from the map view, or through quick searches. The Desktop Alert premised based solution integrates with directory services such as Active Directory and enterprise applications and appliances via web services. Crisis and Mass notification solution allowing businesses to easily send out voice, text, social, or email notifications. - Same day implementation - Vendor Management / 3rd Party Risk Assessment Alert Notification Engine Software. Applications are seamlessly integrated into the platform, providing every tool you need to prepare for and manage emergency situations. InformaCast notification software allows organizations to display alerts while running applications on desktops PCs, Mac and Windows. Our Email Notification application delivers alert messages in your customer's inbox also so that those customers who can't access desktop or mobile at that time do not miss out on important alerts. Desktop Alert provides two business models; Software as a Service (SaaS) and Premised Based Solutions. We are the only unified platform with industry-leading acoustic technology and mobile mass notification software for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Our engineers are constantly working to be sure our customers have access to the latest technologies. No hardware required; access your account from any computer, smartphone, or even toll-free number to broadcast messages when you need to. Kokomo24/7 is an all-in-one solution mobile app to website portal system powered by AI-based TruScore. Hundreds of companies in over 70 countries rely on Dataminr to help them manage crises and mitigate risk across the enterprise. Since 2004, EZ Texting has served over 160K customers, setting the standard for business texting in the U.S. and Canada. Gmail Notifier Pro is the best and the most popular email notification software that helps their users to stay away from hackers from all over the world. Designed to protect the public, workers, environment, and your reputation. We help you deliver effective emergency communications with visibility and timeliness, which are critical in an emergency. Desktop Alert software delivers Instant Notification to Windows Linux and Mac computers with your own Custom Branded Application, SMS Message, Email Notification, iPhone / Android Apps also available. Crises Control helps organisations keep lines of communication open by making it easy to send notifications to any number of people at once, allowing for immediate, individual response with an automatic audit trail. - Fair Pricing Model Create rules for alert notifications. It is created for publishers due to its ability to send notifications. Our deep integrations with 200+ ITSM tools enable you to break down silos between Dev and IT Teams, correlate incidents to code deployments, and easily measure the full impact of a major incident. Multi-channel emergency notification software that provides two-way messaging, integrated monitoring, and data-driven insights. From automated messaging to our powerful mobile app, CivicReady offers the fastest and most reliable communication tool. Konexus allows enterprises or government agencies to securely send alerts from anywhere via mobile app, text message, email, or voice call and communicate two-way in real-time. Everything you need to manage your emergency regardless of the industry or location you work in. The companys award-winning, cloud-based mass communication platform is what clients around the globe rely on to send both emergency and day-to-day communications to millions of people. TextMarks SMS Text Messaging service allows brands, retailers, small businesses, transit agencies, nonprofits and corporate enterprises to reach prospects, customers & employees through mass text messaging. Use GetApp to find the best Emergency Notification software and services for your needs. Emergency Notification Software Comparison. - User friendly. The Leading AI Platform for Real-Time Event and have also been implemented using their respective API. It tracks the delivery of notifications, acknowledgements and replies and reacts automatically on non-delivery or non-reply by utilizing escalation chains, on-call schedules and presence information. Simple, right? Starts from $47 for commercial usage, Desktop Alert Administrator v.2.0 released, Desktop Alert Software for Notification Alerts, Email Notification and SMS Message. Dataminr detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks, enabling enterprise and public sector clients around the globe to know critical information first, respond with confidence, and manage crises more effectively. The only emergency notification system that guarantees a 100% complete contact database. AlertMedia is an emergency notification software supported by companion mobile apps. GEneric Notification Engine for Java v.1.0. Cloud-based mass communication management solution that helps local govt with emergency notifications and day-to-day communications. We help businesses grow their sales through SMS Marketing. Keeping your people continuously informed of operational changes or critical events can be a challenge. Customized Branded Desktop Alert Software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This most common and economonical solution has your Control Panel installed on our server and you only pay usage charges based on your customers. Maintain real-time visibility during drills, active incidents, and reunification events. Deliver Urgent Alerts To Your Entire Workforce, Or Just Those Employees Who Are Affected In One Click. Desktop Application shows your Brand Logo, Icons and links. Standard reports are included. Streem Alert provides a reliable and easy-to-use rapid notification system that delivers critical and routine information via telephone, cell phone, fax, text messaging (SMS), PDA, pager, and email with … As a web-based application, it allows the provider to send instant alerts to its clients, customers or members, directly to their desktop. Recipient lists may be predefined, with templates in place to ensure that your emergency broadcasts are sent rapidly. Desktop Alert software v.4.0 is a real time communication tool that enables any company in almost any industry to deliver alerts. SnapComms is the solution to get employee attention, at every location, on any device. Emergency notification software is used for emergency alerts only, so recipients will never be contacted unless it is related to an emergency situation. Mobile Alert App for Android and iPhone platforms available. Unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value in one solution thats easy to set up and manage. Public safety starts with involvement from all facets of the community and the organization by equipping them with a user friendly, anonymous reporting application. Online dashboard & mobile app available. SMS and Email Alert notification for retail, restaurant businesses. Companies like Hilton, American Express, KRKA, Magura Asia Ltd. use DeskAlerts to send messages in different formats including text, pictures and even video content to more than 10,000 employees wherever they are located. What is Email Notification Software? Our Desktop Alert application delivers the desktop notification alerts on your customer's computer screens within few seconds ensuring timely delivery, high visibility and optimal impact of your messages. H2CommandCentre is your central platform for emergency management. Send/receive individual or personalized mass texts via your existing number. RedFlag can be used for emergency communications, tenant communications, internal message delivery, staffing notifications, and more. DialMyCalls lets you easily send thousands of phone calls, text messages (SMS), and emails emergency notifications to a group of people in seconds. Opsgenie centralizes alerts, notifies the right people reliably, and enables them to take rapid action. A push notification solution for organizations with features for multiple department communication, multi device integration, and more. Raptor Emergency Management combines proven emergency They can then send secondary alerts to those people or attempt to contact individuals by alternate means - either using the geo-poll feature or Rave Alert´s two-way communication capabilities. AlertMedia allows you to engage in real-time, two-way interactions with any size audience in seconds. - Policy Management Deliver clear, lifesaving communications before, during and after critical eventseven if one or more communications channels fail. Raptor Emergency Management is an emergency preparedness, response, and recovery school security software solution. Premised based solution operates behind an organizations firewall. Quality matters. It is based upon a plugin pattern where each plugin may contain any number of providers andor consumers. Crises Control is invaluable for providing up-to-the minute notifications to users, minimizing the impact to peoples safety, damage to the environment and the organisation. Device agnostic. Learn more about AlertMedia. Emergency Notification software enables one-way and/or two-way communication, alerting individuals or groups of people to an existing or pending emergency or disaster situation. We help you deliver effective emergency communications with visibility and timeliness, which are critical in an emergency. Whatever the incident, iFollowAlerts True Two-way Communication bolsters your organization's safety & security protocols. Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. DeskAlerts is a multi-channel alerting software with a lot of communication features including desktop alerts, mobile alerts, video or surveys, SMS, RSVPs and more. Our SMS Message application delivers the alert messages on your customer's mobile phones as SMS within few seconds ensuring that your mobile customers do not miss out on important alerts. Most affordable SMS Platform. Easy-to-use and reliable SMS Service for sending mass text messages, text auto-responders, SMS lead generation and more. Text, images, video, hyperlinks and audio notifications can all be included for greater effectiveness. We empower Dev and Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents. Highest quality voice & text emergency notification solutions starting at only $12 per month. You can create rules that determine the devices and alert severities to send email notifications for and the notification recipients. Instant voice & text mass alerts and notifications. Tekmon Mass Notification is a cloud-based alert system that offers immediate one and two-way notifications to tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients over multiple channels (Voice, SMS, email). A notification requires the following elements: A Run As account that provides credentials to the Notification Account Run As profile. Ahead Of The Competition: It offers Instant Delivery of Alerts Messages to Customer Desktops, Email Inbox as well as SMS Message to their mobiles. WIN-911 Deliver critical alarms, alerts, notifications, machine or process alarms via smartphone, voice, text, web, and email — reducing production risk, downtime, and costs in real time. Capterra directories list all vendors—not just those that pay us—so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible. Moreover, you can use this notification software and send warnings for minor disruptions such as maintenance work or industrial outages and even for critical situations such as severe weather and natural disasters. Raptor Emergency Management can run on any web-based device. Now you can be updated right on your computer on any changes made at RedFlag is the easiest way to distribute critical information. Our combination of a three tier mechanism and fast algorithms ensure that your messages reach your customers within seconds. Standard - Scheduling, Virtualization, … For outbound voice broadcasting we use only the highest quality dedicated PRI lines - NO VOIP - for crystal clear voice quality & delivery-every time. It's modern, reliable, and secure. gene4j is a simple java notification framework which will connect event providers with event consumers. RemoteComply System is an intuitive, cloud-based software platform designed to store and maintain all the critical information and documentation necessary to support a company's Operational Risk Management requirements. In the navigation pane, select Settings > Alert notifications. Our simple & affordable solution works with any kind of landline number, from your main office line to your employee's DIDs; toll-free & VOIP numbers work, too. Desktop Alert Software for Notification Alerts, Email Notification and SMS Message. Whether communicating emergency or routine news, CivicReady allows you to quickly, within seconds, alert citizens with information using a single interface-saving you time-while amplifying the reach of your time-sensitive message. WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software. This is a simple alert solution which is free for non-commercial usage. We not only keep up but stay ahead of the competition. AlertMedia is an emergency notification software supported by companion mobile apps. iLobby makes visitor and employee tracking easy. Unlike other alerting solutions, we use machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science to monitor your company's HR information systems and automatically update your emergency contact database, ensuring that it's 100% accurate at all times. Multi-channel emergency notification software that provides two-way messaging, integrated monitoring, and data-driven insights. EZ Texting delivers the smartest, fastest, easiest, and most reliable ways to connect with your mobile audience. SpreadHub is handy for you, and it’s handy for your customers. Best of all unlike competitors there are NO SETUP or HIDDEN FEES, you can also try out our system completely free. Desktop Alerts , Full Audits ,Time Limited Trial / Demo versions / Paid Subscriptions and Full Desktop Alerts

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